Cassie Kinson LMHC

Feel Empowered to Know Your Worth and Live Your Most Authentic Life


Counseling, life coaching, and resources.


Replace old sabotaging belief systems and subconscious programs that no longer serve you.


Build a positive and trusting relationship with your body, supported by sustainable habits.


Connect with your intuition and be lead by your own inner guidance. Let go of seeking external approval.

Much of our lives we have learned to live by rules and expectations of others and society.

Throughout this conditioning we may find that we have lost ourselves along the way. Discover how to heal through reconnecting with your authentic self and begin guiding your life from a place of worth and empowerment.

Learn new ways of coping that support growth and change, break free from old patterns that have not served you. 


Whether it is depression, anxiety, eating disorders, dysfunctional relationships or toxic self criticism, these are all ways of surviving and coping. Discover how to move out of exhausting and self sabotaging methods of survival and into creating a life you desire. You deserve to heal and to live freely in your unique sovereignty. 

Self Awareness


Self Love


Self Sovereignty

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